In a time when rule by the rich is getting stronger, this is a blog to support those who want a more fair, just society. A society where:
the middle and working class are paid better,
we promote more sustainable sources of energy, education is not predicated merely by the wealth of your school district,
embrace a tax code that is progressive,
end corporate welfare and the continuing concentration of wealth in the hands of the richest 1%.

electric generators for sale

To start a generator, normally, you have to pull a cord w/ a black, rubber handle at the end of it.  It’s similar to the simple old-style lawnmowers (the non-riding lawn mowers).  

But like lawn mowers, there are generators that start with the simple turn of the key.  Starting these generators below are as easy to start as your car.  Go to & view these electric generators for sale ! 


This Hyundai HHD6250 generator has

  • 4 120V  AC outlets
  • Fuel efficient 4-stroke HX337 OHV 11HP engine.
  • Big power for demanding output needs.
  • Dependable non-fuse circuit breaker system.
  • Auto voltage regulator (AVR).
  • Low oil indicator for additional protection.
  • Rugged never-flat wheel kit and tow handle.
  • Small profile for easy mobility.
  • Easy to use control panel. 



This is one of our Amico portable generators for sale and has  

  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Low Noise at 65 decibels
  • Provides up to 12 Hour Run Time @ 50% Load
  • Long Life, durable OHV Design
  • Low Oil Sensor Protects Engine

For these generators and more, go to 


SOME things are meant to be emphasized.  I like this one 


Do you see this CASTLE??

The jerk that lives there is the CEO of Papa Johns.  He would choose to live in this gaudy fortress, but he’s so poor over Obamacare that he’ll lay off workers as a result ! 

Choose concern for other people over greed, blatant greed.  Health insurance is for more than just the rich, more than for the privileged ! 

There’s better places to eat pizza besides this greedy bastard’s string of restaurants !


cheap light, but its 100 watts !

save $19 in electricity per year by buying these bulbs @ 

Your electricity lights up a bulb that glows at 100 watts, yet you are using only 24 watts of electricity !  How do you beat that when you need some light?? 

Good for environment, good for your bank account ! 


So, guesswho called me the other day???   That’s right….it was Universal Account Servicing.  (See my post a week or so ago)  They told me howsorry they were.  They said that they didn’t havetimeto write a letter and tell me the balance was $0 (even though they promised to do just that last month ! )

So, they are going to make sure and write to me.  Funny thing is they called me days ago !  I still didn’t get the letter.  Should I give them a little more time??????

Yeah, I guess so.  They wrote a letter later telling me that my balance is @ $0. 

You’re damn skippy it IS !

Universal Account Servicing ARE $$ PIGS!!

ok,  here I am starting a different career choice with some success in eBay.  I have a company that helps me  with the career choice.  I had a cash flow problem in December (we do need to buy XMAS gifts). So, instead of the monthly payment coming from checking account, I made it through credit card.  Contrary to the spirit of the Consumer Protection law against awful companies running credit cards,  they failed thereafter to give me a billing statement.  they were REPEATEDLY ASKED TO GIVE A BILLING STATEMENT.  
I had the money to give them.  I was not a deadbeat. but the insidious thing they did was to keep charging the credit card, keep reaping a finance charge, ignore my requests to pay in full.  

They promised to take my payment IN FULL ON FEB 28.  







2 places that give good deals

Since September, I have been selling on eBay.  I have had some success. I emphasize pet products and seasonal clothes.  For example, in pet products I recently sold a GPS system that finds you dog (provided he wears the special collar that comes with it); another time, I sold about 5 things that looked like birdhouses.  Well, this appeared to be a birdhouse, but what it actually did was prevent a noisy dog from disrupting the peace of your home with incessant barking.  What happens is that the dog will back, the “Birdhouse” will detect the barking, and then emit a ultrasonic noise that stops the dog from barking. 

No calling the police.
No complaining to the neighbor.
No muss, no fuss !!
That is still on sale !

That gave me good business. Then with the winter, I sold a number of women’s winter coats.  With weather being unpredictable, and at times, cold, I still have coats for sale. 
See for my profile, & if you want to see exactly what I sell and want to get to it right away, go to

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Coming to you on January 28 !

All of us have had the power go off. Our alarm clock stopped working, we didn’t wake up, we forgot that many alarm clocks have batteries in them, we couldn’t watch TV and the air conditioning was out. 

what is the one thing that will give you power when the power is out…..???……
Yes, you can use batteries, you’re phone still works if the POWER GOES OUT unless you have your phone plugged in when your phone doesn’t have any charge in it.

ok, try again….what is the one thing that will give you power when the power is out?

THAT’S RIGHT,  THANK YOU !! A generator.  Yes, a generator will give you direct  current, alternating current, both currents AC/DC and keep what you need ON ! !

Do you want to see an up and coming online company that will start selling generators this Monday? 

Well, thank you again !  The weblink for this company is


Did you know that every 4 ½ minutes a baby in the United States is born with a major birth defect? January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about birth defects and of the steps that can be taken to…

It’s a brand new, WONDERFUL DAY !

"…We are made for this moment, and we will seize it so long as we seize it TOGETHER ! For we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a SHRINKING few do very well, and a growing many barely make it." 

he won - WE WON !

Before the election, I saw numerous political postings that I didn’t agree with, but I remained silent.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion (even me!).  I got oodles of e-mails that I also disagreed with, and except for 1 instance (which led to an extended e-mail exchange thereafter), I remained silent.  With the election over, I have chosen to comment.  So, for those of you who disagree with what I will say since you spoke your peace WITHOUT my dissent I ask the SAME of you.  But if you have to say something and think that’s very unfair not to comment,….ok, whatever.  But if it’s an invalid remark or comment I will delete it. 

INSPITE of the hysterical accusations against Obama, lies told about his record, a rich guy (whose name rhymes with Dump) embarrassing himself with the stupid accusation that Obama wasn’t born in the US & now he needs to produce his transcript, the President’s  lousy 1st debate performance, through all that, the BETTER man was RE-ELECTED tonight. 

Americans could see through the fact that Romney didn’t have a valid plan to cut the deficit and didn’t understand or appreciate the plight of people hurt THE WORST by the recession.  It was very gratifying to see Romney’s false and narrow-minded remark blow up in his arrogant, smug face  about 47% of  Americans. 

What nauseated me the most was that whether it came from the pulpit or came from someone I knew,   I really was offended by the notion that since I voted for Obama, then I was less of a Christian and less patriotic as a result.  I dislike abortion, but I am definitely unwilling to fill all levels and stations of government with right wing idealogues who didn’t give a damn for the poor and are even willing to let the sick die for lack of insurance. 

You know if a brother or a friend said to me, “Vince I will NEVER vote Democratic because  a) I’m with the armed forces   OR

b) I’m a small businessman  OR

c) I’m against abortion (but there are, in fact, Democrats who are pro-life)

I might disagree with them, but I WOULD NEVER QUESTION THEIR SPIRITUAL LIFE OR THEIR PATRIOTISM! !  I would simply understand small businessmen like farmers tend to favor Republicans.  Service men and women have usually voted conservative b/c Republicans have favored high spending for the Pentagon. 

It’s funny that Christianity would be denigrated for those following Democrats, especially since Democrats have worked much harder to help the poor; Jesus criticized far more often greed  than he did abortion, look @ Mark 10:21 & Matthew 19:24! But the fact is I DON’T QUESTION the faith of those who do well or who are rich.

I’m proud of voting for Obama, was proud to vote for Clinton, was proud of the fact that Obama passed Obamacare (& WON’T literally let people die for lack of insurance), that wealthy middlemen no longer figure into the equation when dispensing student loans; that fuel efficiency standards have been raised.  & that the president sent the order to kill Osama bin Laden.  After that great, epic feat, the reaction of the partisan reactionaries and Republicans was especially disheartening.  In the 80s and before, both Republican and Democrat would applaud major victories in foreign policy.  I distinctly remember Speaker O’Neil at certain critical instances say that he was 100% behind President Reagan.  Not these jerk Republicans. They illustrate all that’s wrong w/ politics, and why I find following politics no longer a pleasure but with a certain dreaded disdain.  If they can’t unite behind the nation when bin Laden died and give credit to the president, when could they back the President and JOIN THE REST OF THE NATION IN DOING SO?  No credit was given when Obama signed an amendment  to keep abortion out of the equation the day after Obamacare was  passed.  Just blind partisan intransigence. It’s disgusting.  I’m happy that those who snipe and pass off Obama supporters as mislead sheep will just have to sit and pout that their candidate LOST. 

The Republicans can take heart in a couple things.  Romney was the best debating Republican nominee since Reagan in 1980.  With a House still in the clutches of the Republicans, they will repeat the disgrace of this term and have the fewest laws passed since the Truman era of the late 1940s.  I don’t see that Obama can enact the programs he wants to with Republicans who have never had any interest in working with him.  Basically, tonight prevented (thank God literally ! ) the worst excesses of what the Koch Brothers and the oilmen want and doing nothing but trying to make  the rich to get much richer at the expense of everyone  else.